FAQs & Terms and conditions


Q - What can I do if I spill something on my carpet or upholstery?

A - You can always message the Facebook page, text or call to ask for advice. Sometimes its better to use nothing as certain fibres can react to particular products and cause permanent damage. Depending on what has been spilled you may be able to leave it until your next biannual/annual clean or it may require immediate attention.

Q - How often should I get my carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned?

A - Every 6 - 12 months is recommended. It does depend on usage; if you have pets or children it may be needed every 6 months or if you are very tidy and it stays in good condition it can be done every 12 months. In some cases I have seen people leave it 20 years to be cleaned and that can have an impact on the results achieved.

Q - Is it okay to use vinegar or bicarb soda on a stain?

A - No. It usually has no positive effect on the stain and can worsen the situation. Some fibres need to be left with a neutral PH level, vinegar is acidic and bicarb soda is alkaline. Both of which may cause damage if not fully flushed out of the fibre at the time of use. Vinegar can also cause odour issues as the smell isn't pleasant.

Q - How long does it take to dry?

A - Depending on the method of cleaning (dry cleaning or steam cleaning) it can vary. Encapsulation cleaning (dry cleaning) can take up to an hour for carpets or upholstery to dry in normal circumstances. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) can take up to 6 hours for upholstery to dry and up to 4-5 hours for carpets and rugs. In some instances it can take longer than the times mentioned if its raining, in an area with no air flow, air conditioning or ceiling fans, or if there was heavy soiling and it required a more extensive treatment.

If you have any further unanswered questions feel free to email us at admin@bestmatescleaning.com.au

or call 0466 987 974.

Terms and conditions

Once a booking has been made the following terms and conditions apply:

We reserve the right to take photos of any items/areas we have cleaned or treated. These may be used for promotional purposes on our website or social media.

Cancellation fees may apply. Once a booking is made if you cancel within 24 hours of the booked date and time we can charge up to $100 to recover the cost of a time slot we may not be able to fill.

Any amount owing for longer than 48 hours can be sent to a debt collector. $50 for each week overdue from the end of the initial 48 hour period will be charged on top of the original owed amount along with any debt collection fees. We will advise you when it is being sent to a debt collector and that their fees for recovering the owed amount plus any overdue fees will be added on top of the original amount. The above fees can be charged for a service that hasn't been completely paid within 48 hours of the service being completed or for any cancellation fees that aren't paid. If you are unhappy with the quality of the service provided; it must be paid in full before we can revisit the property to do any additional work or before we can consider a partial/full refund.

We do not take responsibility for any accidents/injuries our clients have during or after the services provided. We will advise you if any areas are wet/slippery or if there any safety concerns.

Booking any of our services mean you agree to the above terms and conditions. If you have any issues or concerns please make them know before securing a booking with us.