Products & Services

We provide the best quality services at reasonable prices. Don't believe me? Let us prove it!

Carpet, Rug and Mattress Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning can be quoted dependent on the amount of areas that are carpeted, the stain treatments required and booking availability.

Rug cleaning prices vary based on size, condition and the fibre it's made from.

Mattress cleaning is as follows; $40 per single, $45 per double/queen, $50 per king size. Price includes one side only (top or bottom) and all visible edges. Only the safest products are used to kill bacteria and odours without compromising your mattress or sleep quality.

Hypoallergenic chemicals can be used upon special request; possibly for an additional charge.

Upholstery cleaning:

Couches/sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs, cushions and car seats can all be cleaned with our hot water extraction (steam cleaning) or encapsulation (dry cleaning) method. Fabric upholstery cleaning requires a photo to be sent to 0466987974. Size, method of cleaning and soiling are factors of how the price is decided. Hypoallergenic chemicals can be used upon special request; possibly for an additional charge.

Leather cleaning is also available. This will included cleaning deep into the pores of your leather and once cleaned; applying a conditioning cream that will protect your leather from getting dirty, cracking or colour fading.

Pest control:

Rest assured you can trust your family and pets will be 100% safe with our fully licensed pest control technicians. Safety is our number one priority when treating your home or business. You have the option to customise your treatment if there are any sensitivities to certain products/pesticides. We can complete full internal, external, rodent or flea treatments based on your needs. Whether it be for your end of lease requirements or you've noticed creepy crawlies roaming your house; we have you covered!

Businesses: Prices can be quoted.

We cater to any size business; having worked with schools, hotels, real estates, apartment buildings, offices, car rental companies, medical clinics, etc. To book any services please call 0466987974.

Emergency water extraction:

When in need of water extraction we have you covered 24/7. Whatever time of day or night, public holidays or weekends; we will be there! As long as we aren't currently assisting another client we can help you. We have treatments to prevent mould from growing once the majority of water has been extracted which is the biggest concern when water has flooded a carpeted area. We will extract as much water as possible, treat the area to kill any bacteria that may have been born from the excess water. Apply a mould preventative to give the carpet the best chance of survival to avoid needing replacement. We also have commercial grade blowers to speed dry the wet areas that can be left at the property for the following days. We have saved many clients including hotel buildings from flooding to the below levels. Eventually your insurance company will come to assess the situation and possibly supply more drying equipment. Call/or text us on 0466987974 if you find yourself needing this service.

Drying equipment:

We have air movers available to assist with drying any flooded carpet or hard flooring. They can be hired when emergency water extraction has been completed or on their own with a drop off and pick up service available. We do not currently have any dehumidifiers.